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When choosing a Home Inspector, experience, knowledge and continuing support, after you purchase your home are the three most important factors to consider. We have listed below important facts about B-Sure Home Inspectors that make B-Sure the number one choice for any home buyer.  All B-Sure Home Inspectors have the following qualifications:

  All B-Sure Home Inspectors have a minimum of 15 years experience in construction and the related trades. We not only know how to inspect your home we know how to build it from the ground up!

All B-Sure Home Inspectors have performed over 7000 Home Inspections throughout Massachusetts including condominiums, single family and multi family homes with ages ranging from brand new to over 300 years old.

All B-Sure Home Inspectors are members in good standing of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) America's leading Home Inspection Organization. All B-Sure Home Inspectors participate regularly in ASHI educational seminars. Our Inspectors stay current on trends in the Home Construction and Home Inspection Industry.

All B-Sure Home Inspectors are Massachusetts State Licensed Termite/Pest Control Operators. We can handle all FHA and VA inspections "in house." Free Consultation Service for the lifetime of your ownership.

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